Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

Aluminum Profile for Indonesia
  • Aluminum Profile for Indonesia
  • Aluminum Profile for Indonesia
  • Aluminum Profile for Indonesia
  • Aluminum Profile for Indonesia
  • Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

Aluminum Profile for Indonesia


1. Material: Recycle and environment protection.

2. Thickness: Mostly from1.0~2.0mm, min at 0.5mm.

3. Length: 500mm < L <  9000 mm

4. Extrude size: Max width:400mm; Max diameter:290mm

5. Advantage: Corrosionabrasiondetergenthydrochloric acidmortar and boiling water resistance

6. Product Name: Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

Product Details

Aluminium alloy 60636005606060616165608263516013508370057075
Temper T4T5T6
Thickness Mostly from 1.0 ~ 2.0 mmMin at 0.5 mm; Max at 10 mm or according to drawing design
Length 500 mm < L <  9000 mm
Surface treatment & color a) Anodized & electrophoresis: silverchampagnegoldenbronzebrownblack
b) Matt electro-deposition: goldengreysilverblack
cPowder coated:
whiteblueyellowbrown or customized
d) Wood transfer:
oakwilowteakyellow pearwalnut or customized
e) PVDF double or triple coating: whitegreybrownblack or customized
f) Polish & brush:
Profile extrude size:   Max width: 400 mm; Max diameter: 290 mm
Factory capacity:  Monthly output about 4000 tons; Max monthly capacity about 6000 tons.
 Production standard  GB5237-2008
Lead time Mould making 7 days; Mill finish 10 days; Powder coat 15 days; Anodize & electrophoresis 18 days; other surface about 20 days.

Dimensional deviations info(6063-T5) Angle deviation:±1.0°
Plane clearance: less than 0.37mm
Bending degree: less than 0.3mmfrom 300mm
Twist degree: less than 1.7mm from 1m profile
Cutting angle: less than 2°
Mechanical characteristic (6063-T5) Vickers hardness (HV)≥58
Webster hardness (HW)≥8
Tensile strength: no less than 160 N/mm²
Anodizing characteristic Average thickness of anodize film: no less than 10 μm
Partial thickness of anodize film: no less than 8 μm
Anodize sealing quality: no less than 30 mg/dm²
Hardness (Pential scratch testing): ≥ 3H
CASS test (24h):≥ 9 grade
Alkali resistance(24h):no less than 9 grade
Wear resistance(sand drop testing): ≥300 g/μm
Powder coating characteristic Coating indentation hardness: ≥ 80
Coating thickness: 60 ~ 120 μm
Smallest local thickness: > 40 μm
adhension (drywetboiling water): 0 grade
Wear resistance(sand drop testing): ≥0.8 L/μm
Hydrochloric Acid resistance: no blistering and obvious change
Solvent resistance: ≥ 3 grade
Detergent resistance: no blistering, no loss of film adhension and obvious change
Mortar resistance: no loss of film adhension and no visual change in appearance
Boiling water resistance: no air bubblewrinklecracksfalls off and color change on test specimen


1.Bundle packing:
1) Each profiles surface protected by transparent or logo film, and several profile wrap to be bundle by shrink film.
2) Each profiles interleaf by EPE form, and several profile wrap to be bundle by shrink film.
3) Each profiles surface protect by film or interleaf by EPE form, and several profile roll by paper.

Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

2.Wood pallets packing:
Step 1: Dozens of bundle alu profile put on the wood pallet base, and fixed by strip film.
Step 2: Cover the alu profiles by thick paper and wrap by shrink film.
Step 3: Surrounded the pallet by numbers of wood strip and fixed to be firmed pallet by pvc or iron strip.

Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

3.Carton packing:
Each profile interleaf by EPE form or pack by plastic bag, dozens of alu profile put in carton and seal & strengthen by tape.

Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

Quality control:

Aluminum Profile for Indonesia

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