Aluminum Glass Doors and Their Types and Features

Aluminum Glass Doors and Their Types and Features

Doors have become a necessity in our lives. Not only to play a decorative role, but more importantly to ensure our safety. In today's life, as the partition decoration market is hot, aluminum alloy doors have become the darling of the door and window industry, and it has almost become the standard for kitchen and balcony partitions. It is not only economical and practical, but also greatly improves the face value of the house!

There are also many people complaining that the aluminum alloy doors installed in their homes for less than five or ten years are not as effective as before. In fact, as long as you regularly check the door and window accessories, replace the aging accessories, and pay attention to daily maintenance, you can extend the life of the accessories and solve the problem of poor sound insulation.

The quality of aluminum alloy doors is also the key to affecting the service life. How much do you know about aluminum glass doors?

What is an aluminum alloy door
Aluminum glass doors are a door frame member made of surface-treated aluminum alloy profiles through cutting, punching, milling, tapping, manufacturing and other processing technology. A door assembled by assembly. Including aluminum-wood composite door and aluminum-plastic composite door, which is made of aluminum alloy as the base material of the stress rod member.

According to the opening method, the classification of aluminum alloy doors
• Hinged door
Swing door refers to the door that is opened horizontally with the hinge as the axis. Swing doors are the most commonly used door. According to the different opening directions, it can be divided into two types: inside and outside. The opening direction of a swing door is mainly determined by its function and the need to occupy as little indoor space as possible after opening.

Sliding door
Sliding door refers to the door that is opened and closed by sliding left and right along the width direction. There are two types of sliding doors: surface-mounted and concealed. Surface-mounted sliding doors refer to sliding doors and rails that are outside the wall, while concealed sliding doors refer to sliding doors with doors and rails in the middle of the wall.

• Folding door
A folding door is a door that can be folded during the opening process. It can be divided into two basic types: flat folding door and sliding pull door. Because the folding door can be folded when it is opened, it occupies a small space, which can often be used as an effective method to re-separate and combine the indoor space.

• Sliding door
The difference between sliding door type and sliding type lies in the opening method and material. Generally speaking, sliding door type is a combination of two doors that can only be moved from both ends and cannot be opened from the middle. The material is generally all glass, only The door frame and armrest are made of aluminum alloy, so they are often used as bathroom doors.

The push-pull aluminum alloy door is composed of two or more small doors, which can be pushed open from the middle, and the direction is relatively free. Each small door of the sliding door has an aluminum alloy door frame. Generally, there is no armrest, but it can be set on the door. Patterns or motifs to add beauty.

• Roll-pull
Roll-pull aluminum alloy door is also called rolling door. Rolling door is high in security and affordable, so it is often used in shopping malls or garages and other places that need to be closed in all directions.

Characteristics of aluminum alloy door
Light weight and high strength
The material of aluminum alloy is mostly a combination of hollow core and thin wall, light weight, density is only 1/3 of steel, easy to use, and the section has high bending strength. The aluminum alloy sliding door is durable and has small deformation.

Good sealing performance
The aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, the cross-section size of the profile is accurate, and the processing accuracy is high. The sealing groove fixing groove has been completed together with the cross section during the extrusion molding process, which has created favorable conditions for the installation of the sealing material, and the installation fit is also very high.

Beautiful appearance
After the surface of the aluminum alloy is processed, it can show different colors such as golden, silver and white, with a large choice of space, bright and smooth after oxidation, and elegant decoration effect.

Strong corrosion resistance
The aluminum alloy oxide layer does not fade, does not fall off, does not need painting, is easy to maintain, and requires almost no maintenance, which generally reduces the cost of decoration and use.

Long life
After good surface treatment, aluminum profiles have good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, not afraid of humidity, not afraid of sunlight, high temperature does not deform, low temperature does not embrittle, does not burn, does not age, and is suitable for various climate environments.

In addition to paying attention to quality, consumers must also pay attention to the brand of the product. It is recommended to choose some relatively large brands as much as possible, it is best to go to regular stores to buy, not only the quality is guaranteed, the use is more secure and assured.