The future development trend of the door and window market

The future development trend of the door and window market

In recent years, energy-saving doors and windows have received more and more attention from society. In this short period of time, the finished door and window brand has been rapidly established, occupying the market of home improvement doors and windows, from the past plastic-steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, to the recent energy-saving windows and doors. , system doors and windows, smart doors and windows, passive doors and windows and other changes.

The development of doors and windows in all buildings is in line with the policy trend. The future energy-saving doors and windows belong to a rigid requirement, and it is also an urgent issue based on the development of human energy.

At the Copenhagen Climate Conference, China made a solemn commitment to the world: “By 2020, China’s GDP per unit of GDP will fall by 40%-45% compared with 2005!” Subsequently, the state introduced a series of energy conservation and emission reduction policies. China's various provinces and cities have also introduced mandatory standards for energy conservation in doors and windows, and vigorously promote green buildings and green building materials.

The houses built in the last century in China did not meet the energy-saving standards in terms of door and window products. Most of them are non-energy-saving doors and windows, so there will be a large market in the field of the energy-saving renovation of doors and windows in the future.

Adhering to the "green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly" door, and window standards, it has contributed to building energy conservation and social environmental protection and advocated that consumers choose quality windows and doors for a healthy life, and provide users with excellent performance and comprehensive functions. Personalized customized services, doors and windows for the majority of doors and Windows users to create a safe, energy-saving, comfortable home life.

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